What’s not included in your extended car warranty?

02 Feb 2024
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02 Feb 2024

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Find out what’s covered, and not covered by your extended car warranty.

For UK car owners, knowing the details of an extended car warranty is essential. It can offer reassurance by paying for unexpected repairs, but it’s also vital to know what it doesn’t cover. This information can prevent surprises and aid in budgeting for expenses not included in your warranty.

Understanding extended car warranties

Before discussing what’s not covered, let’s briefly explain what an extended car warranty is. It’s also known as a vehicle service contract and covers certain repairs or services beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty period. Unlike the manufacturer’s warranty included in the purchase price, an extended warranty is typically bought separately.

Typical exclusions in extended car warranties

Normal Wear and Tear

In the UK, extended car warranties generally do not include coverage for the regular wear and tear of vehicle parts. Components such as brake pads, tyres, and clutches that naturally wear out over time are typically not covered.

Maintenance Services

Tasks like oil changes, tyre rotations, and general servicing are not included in the coverage. These are routine expenses associated with the regular upkeep of a vehicle.

Accidental or Misuse Damage

Damage resulting from accidents, collisions, or improper use, such as off-road driving when not suitable, is excluded from coverage. Such incidents are usually handled by auto insurance policies.

Environmental Damage

Damage caused by natural disasters such as flooding or hail, as well as other environmental factors, is typically not covered by extended warranties.

Pre-existing Issues

Any pre-existing problems with your car before purchasing the extended warranty will not be covered. Warranties usually only apply to issues that arise after the agreement is established.

Modified or Unauthorised Repairs

Any alterations not approved by the manufacturer or repairs conducted by unauthorised service centres could invalidate your warranty or might not be covered.

Excluded Parts or Systems

Certain warranties might not cover specific parts or systems. Make sure to carefully read the details to see if components like air conditioning, electrical systems, or certain engine parts are not included.

Why do these exclusions matter?

Knowing these exclusions is important for two main reasons. First, it helps you understand what the warranty actually covers, which lets you plan for any costs you might have to pay yourself. Second, it can help you choose the right extended warranty for you. Different providers offer different levels of coverage, so knowing what’s not included can help you pick the best warranty for your needs.

Planning for expenses not covered by warranties

Since extended warranties don’t cover everything, it’s a good idea to budget for repairs and maintenance not included in the warranty. Regular maintenance, especially, can help prolong your car’s lifespan and potentially prevent costly repairs that might not be covered.

While an extended car warranty in the UK can be beneficial for your vehicle, it doesn’t cover everything. Understanding what’s not included can help you decide whether to purchase a warranty and how to manage future vehicle expenses. Remember, a warranty is just one part of your vehicle’s financial plan, not the entire plan. Being well-informed can help you avoid unexpected financial burdens and keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

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