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When your vehicle breaks down – your income can be affected.

Trust is key when servicing vehicles that are also yours and others’ livelihood, and with VH Recovery you can rest assured that both you and your vehicles are in safe hands. VH Recovery aims to get your vehicles fixed at the roadside – so your drivers can get moving and get back to earning their living. With VH Recovery you benefit from:

24/7 roadside assistance
24/7 repair centre
Expert technicians

Working with businesses for nearly 10 years.

Black Taxi

Cover your entire range of taxis, keep them maintained, on the job and moving.

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Fleet Management

Stay in control and ensure your fleet is covered and looked after.

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PCO Partnerships

Cover your vehicles and ensure your drivers continue earning their income.

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Anytime, anywhere

We will repair your vehicle at the roadside, available 24/7.

We fix 4/5 on the spot

We fix 4.5 vehicles on the roadside to get you back up and running.

No callout charges

Unlimited callouts as long as it’s not a recurring problem.

Free vehicle health checks

We offer free health checks for all your vehicles.

Your livelihood is our number one priority.

Once your vehicles have broken down or require servicing, your business comes to a stop. The longer your vehicles spend being repaired, the more disruption it’s causing your business. VH Recovery will get your vehicles back on the road where they belong in little to no time.

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Specialised cover for black taxis.

We offer special support for black taxi drivers across the UK – so if you have an accident or if there’s a problem with your taxi, rest assured we’ll try and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Unlimited Call-Outs

    VH Silver, Gold & Platinum members have Unlimited Call-Outs included as part of the membership. There’s no limit to the number of times you can call us out during the policy year, as long as it’s not a repeat call-out for the same problem.

    Bronze members are limited to 5 call-outs per year.

    Cover at Home

    All VH memberships include this service. One of our technicians will come out to the rescue at your home. Home is the policyholder’s main UK address as stated on their membership.

    National Recovery

    Included as part of our VH Red and Red Plus memberships. We’ll take you, your passengers and your car to a place of your choice in the UK. As long as the breakdown is not caused by a flat or damaged tyre.

    Please note: A maximum destination limit of 100 miles applies.

    What can you do?

    When you take out your policy – ensure that your vehicle is fit to drive. Ensure your vehicle is properly looked after and take all reasonable steps to stop it from breaking down.

    Ensure you give us accurate information at all times. This includes information about you, your circumstances and your vehicle.

    In an emergency

    If any emergency services arrive at your breakdown, we won’t be able to do anything with your vehicle until we are given the green light to do so.

    If we take your vehicle away – ensure you take out any valuables that may be in the car.

    The current version below applies to cover bought or renewed on or after 18 September 2019:

    VH Recovery Breakdown Cover UK Policy Booklet — 2020

    For more in-depth answers to popular questions. Visit our help centre.