What to do following an accident

31 Mar 2021
Last Modified:
06 Apr 2021

If you’ve just had an accident. Call emergency services on 999 before anything else.

If you’ve just been involved in an accident – DO NOT DRIVE OFF! It is a serious offence that could result in a fine, driving ban, prison sentence or even someone’s life being lost.

This guide should only be used as an informational and educational guide – so you’re prepared and know what to do in a situation like this. Call emergency services – this should not be your main.

Here’s what you should do

  • Stop where you are.
  • Call emergency services
  • Liaise with emergency services. Give them your details – including vehicle registration number, your name, details and the details of the driver, if known.
  • If you don’t exchange details at the scene, you must report the incident to a police station or police officer immediately.
  • Have your licence and insurance details to hand.

Dealing with an insurer afterwards

At the scene

Make you take notes and remember as much detail from the incident as possible. This includes – but is not limited to:

The scene: Date, time, location, weather, traffic, signals, road marking, signs and possible roadworks.

The vehicles: Make, model, registration number, condition of the vehicle, estimated speed, the direction of traffic, use of lights/indicators and number of passengers.

The people: Details of everyone involved, a description of drivers (including any distinguishable features), any possible pedestrians or eyewitnesses that you recall and the details of the arriving emergency workers.

The damage: What damage was done to vehicles or property? Was anyone injured?

Never drive off when you have an accident – Always stop!

How to claim?

If you’ve got a VH Red Plus membership – we can liaise with your insurance company on your behalf if we’ve recovered your vehicle for you.

Get in touch with your insurance company and ask them to start a new claim. Bear in mind that your no claims discount may be affected.

If your cover is third party or third party, fire and theft – accidental damage will not be covered.

If you need to renew or upgrade your membership please call 0207 247 4301.

If you’ve broken down and require assistance call us on 0207 247 4301.

We’re here to help – whenever you need us. Call us 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Landline calls cost standard UK rate. Calls from mobiles vary.


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