Useful information about tyre changes

31 Mar 2021
Last Modified:
01 Apr 2021

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How to change a tyre?

It’s important to carry a spare tyre in your vehicle. Sometimes it might be beneficial to change the tyre yourself, or at least know how to – just in case you end up in a situation without the means of contacting us.

Changing a tyre can be a difficult task for some. Especially if you haven’t ever attempted a tyre change on your own. However, it is essential you know how to change a tyre on your own – just to prepare you for situations you might not expect.

Safety first

Assess your current situation and ensure you and your passengers are safe and away from danger.

  • Have you stopped the car in the best place?
  • Is it out of the way of other vehicles?
  • Can I safely perform the tyre change?

If you’ve ticked all the above. (If you haven’t, then move the car to a safer place.)

  • Then, apply the handbrake.
  • Put the hazard warning lights on.
  • Place your warning triangle on the road behind your car.
  • Tell your passengers to exit the vehicle safely using the doors furthest away from any possible vehicle traffic.

Take care when changing tryes on busy motorways

What tools do I need?

Ensure you have the correct tools:

  • Carjack
  • Wrench
  • A couple of wheel chocks
  • Wheel nut key
  • Car handbook
  • Torch (If you’re changing in low-light conditions, i.e night)

Changing a tyre

  1. Use the wheel chocks to stabilise the vehicle
  2. Position the car jack
  3. Loosen the wheel nuts
  4. Jack the car up
  5. Remove the tyre
  6. Fit the spare tyre
  7. Tighten the wheel nuts
  8. Lower the vehicle completely

How long does it take?

It should take anywhere from 20-30 mins to change the tyre on a road.


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