Winter care tips for electric vehicles

05 Jan 2024
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05 Jan 2024

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Tips for looking after your electric vehicle this winter

Although maintaining EV cars is typically simpler, it does not imply that they don’t require some attention for responsible winter driving. In this blog post, we will explore several winter care tips for EVs that you can adopt to enhance safety during the colder months.

In the past, chilly mornings before heading to work often meant greeting neighbours while defrosting the car in our pyjamas. However, in recent years, your routine might involve verifying that your EV is fully charged, eliminating the need to hastily deal with a de-icer or a kettle (note: using a kettle with hot water is not recommended for de-icing!).

Evaluate your car’s defrosting function

Numerous electric vehicles (EVs) now come equipped with a companion app that allows you to manage defrosting from the comfort of your indoor space. If your vehicle offers such features, consult the car manual to verify if power consumption is addressed—it’s prudent to do so, especially in the unlikely event that you’re driving and overlooked charging your EV overnight.

In cases where your EV lacks this functionality, or you find yourself using a conventional car on certain mornings, consider searching online for portable defrosters.

Be aware that your range will drop

In a conventional car, activating the ignition triggers the fuel pump to initiate combustion. This might seem straightforward, so why bring it up? In an electric vehicle (EV), the same process doesn’t occur, as the battery operates in a colder ambient temperature. Colder temperatures can reduce battery efficiency, leading to a significant decrease in your driving range.

Fortunately, due to the relatively mild winters in Ireland, the reduction in range shouldn’t be as pronounced as in colder climates, where it can drop by double digits.

Be prepared for longer charging

Charging colder batteries can be a bit more challenging. Charging your car at home overnight should not pose any problems, but in colder-than-usual weather, you may notice that charging at a public charge point takes longer than anticipated.

Explore your vehicle’s options

The touch screens in EVs often feature a plethora of options on the primary menu, making it overwhelming to know where to begin. While you might be acquainted with features like eco-mode, check if your EV includes options specifically designed for colder weather. These typically involve the car monitoring power consumption and adjusting braking in anticipation of potentially wet or slippery driving conditions.

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